Are stair carpet runners expensive?

11 August 2023

The cost of stair carpet runners can vary widely depending on several factors - 



Length and Width


Brand and Design

Additional Features

Local Market

Are stair carpet runners expensive

Material - The type of material used for the runner greatly affects the cost. Natural fibres like wool tend to be more expensive than synthetic materials like nylon or polyester. Borders also will be an extra expense, wool edges are a cheaper option.

Quality - Higher-quality materials and craftsmanship can lead to a higher price. Handwoven or intricately designed runners are likely to be more expensive.

Length and Width - The length and width of your staircase will impact the amount of material needed, thus affecting the cost.

Installation - Professional installation might be required, and this cost can vary based on location and the complexity of your staircase.

Brand and Design -  Popular brands or custom designs could come with a premium price tag.

Additional Features -  Some runners might have added features like non-slip backing, extra padding, or special edging, which can influence the cost. Also if you decide to add stair rods.

Local Market - Prices can vary based on your location.

To give you a rough estimate, stair carpet runners could cost anywhere from £100 to several pounds, depending on the factors mentioned above. It's a good idea to research and shop around to find options that fit your budget and preferences.

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