Types of Stair Runner

19 July 2023

Stair runners vary in popularity and style depending on current interior design trends and individual preferences.

Wool, sisal, patterned, striped, faux , geometric, neutral toned and bold coloured stair runners.

We have them all!!

Eight styles of Stair runner
  1. Wool Stair Runners - a classic and durable luxurious material with natural resilience. https://stairrunnersdirect.com/stair-runners/plain/wool
  2. Sisal Stair Runners - Sisal is a natural fibre known for its durability and textured appearance and warmth  https://stairrunnersdirect.com/stair-runners/natural-flooring-~-sisal 
  3. Patterned Stair Runners - eye-catching patterns creating interest to a staircase. https://stairrunnersdirect.com/stair-runners/patterned-and-striped/patterned 
  4. Striped Stair Runners - a visually sophisticated look. https://stairrunnersdirect.com/stair-runners/patterned-and-striped/striped 
  5. Faux Stair Runners - nylon or polyester are popular for their durability and ease of maintenance. https://stairrunnersdirect.com/stair-runners/herringbone/faux 
  6. Geometric Stair Runners - a modern and contemporary look. https://stairrunnersdirect.com/stair-runners/patterned-and-striped/patterned/Parklane 
  7. Neutral Toned Stair Runners - beige, grey and cream are timeless colour choices https://stairrunnersdirect.com/stair-runners/plain/wool/glencoir 
  8. Bold Coloured Stair Runners - make a statement, a brightly coloured runner can add a pop of colour and personality to the staircase. https://stairrunnersdirect.com/stair-runners/natural-flooring-~-sisal/other/tibsisal 


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